Establish yourself

Courage and perseverance from the start

The decision to become self-employed requires a lot of courage and ambition. Some hypnotists don’t jump straight into the big adventure, but start out part-time. There is a lot to do before the first meeting with your customer; Good advice is certainly appropriate here and a good investment; A sound education is the be-all and end-all for your future success;

Face your fears and challenges. Not being sure of finding customers will quickly tempt you to lower your prices or even be afraid to charge a legitimate amount for your services;

Don’t sell your services too cheaply,
because more expensive equals more value (connection to price = quality),
but also more responsibility of the client in his approach. Low price means low quality, lack of competence…

In addition, you should ask yourself how much you will spend in a year and assume how many hours you will effectively be available in practice; It is perfectly legitimate to ask colleagues about their hourly rate and experience.

Position yourself as the second most expensive hypnotist in your catchment area, because the price is a symbol of quality and competence for the customer; It represents an investment for him that requires his cooperation;

Think before you install, because you have all the freedom to decide at this moment …

Working alone or in a team is not the same. Having employees requires management skills and extra energy. A group practice can be very interesting; You share the costs and the individual may be specialized anyway, so that no competitive thinking can arise in the first place; There is a difference between your business and your income, apart from social security contributions and taxes, the maintenance of any practice, equipment, water, electricity, internet and telephony, your insurance, etc….
are there special circumstances, burnout, life accidents, loss of voice, illness, vacation, free time, further education, what prevents you from practicing, i.e. from earning money.

Working part-time in a different location can make it easier for you to get started.
Your job is also subject to seasonal fluctuations; These should be included in the planning;
It is necessary to anticipate the expenses, a good allowance to cover the unexpected, not to wait anxiously next to the phone.


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