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Learning is a lifelong adventure...

“The current education system as we know it does not prepare us for the world of today.”

Welcome to the Hypnosis Institute, the institute for your personal development!

The Hypnosis Institute offers a unique approach to personal development, coaching and hypnosis. We are more than just a company, we are a Community that shares with others and encourages you to do things differently. Join our team of people who share a passion to change the world by constantly looking for improvements. A becoming a hypnosis trainer with us is a commitment that goes beyond what traditional education systems can offer. Enjoy a unique experience in personal development, coaching and hypnosis with the Hypnosis Institute, our NGH-Hypnosis-School.

The hypnosis trainer team

Discover an inspiring community with the Hypnosis Institute. We offer one Collaboration that encompasses challenge, fun, joy, friendship and unrivalled authenticity. Our innovative approach to teaching and learning has radically changed the way hypnosis trainers teach. We not only promise, no, we act to offer participants a unique experience in personal development, coaching and hypnosis.

Our mission is to create a personal transformation that elevates human consciousness.

Become part of a dedicated company and hypnosis trainer with a strong mission at the Hypnosis Institute. We are looking for members for our team who share our passion for personal development, coaching and hypnosis. We want to get to know your personal motivation and purpose in life in order to best integrate you into our community of knowledge sharing.

When you share this passion, it turns your life into a mission.

Use a leading platform for personal development with the best hypnosis trainers and experts at the Hypnosis Institute. We provide concrete tools at your disposal, which you can use with the help of online programmes and live events help you become the best version of yourself. Our Hypnosis trainers, authors and ambassadors are listed under the selected the most qualified to ensure that our training content is the highest priority for effective and successful work.

The difference

Our company is built on a way of managing companies in the future, based on the predictions of visionaries. Our aim is to change people and societies for the better by spreading innovative ideas through our NGH Hypnosis School. Together, we have made it our mission to helping humanity to realise its full potential. We influence our clients’ thinking, parenting methods, physical and mental health by shaping your beliefs and therefore your life.

Our philosophy

We support our people to become the best version of themselves

We encourage our team members to achieve higher standards in all areas of their lives.
Achieving goals and ideals.

For us, growth is a goal in itself.
This typical person has an optimal level of physical health and fitness.

We innovate quickly to stay at the forefront of exponential change

The world is developing at an exponential pace.

More has changed between 2016 and 2022,
as between 1900 and 2000.

We are keeping our finger on the pulse of this change,
which means that you need more innovation and change
in a year than anywhere else.

You should feel comfortable with change,
fast learning and the pursuit of almost impossible goals.

We believe that happiness is the most powerful tool for productivity.

Don’t get us wrong, we are disciplined,
The days of training can be intense.

But we believe that business should be fun
and our partners are looking forward to
to go to work.

We cultivate a culture of gratitude, compassion and appreciation

A great corporate culture is about the awareness of the company itself. Gratitude, compassion and appreciation are truly tangible processes that are anchored in our corporate DNA. For this reason, the atmosphere is different.

We stand up for what we believe in

Yes, we are ambitiously determined to advance humanity
by empowering our audience to create a healthier and more sustainable
happier life,
to realise their full potential – to be exceptional.

We unite our customers, our employees and our authors into ONE community

We see each of our students as a representative of our interests.
Our community unites in real and online events.
We listen to our customers and train our team members
with values that are not based on spending money, but on changing

How you can join the team

We are looking for A-players. I know this definition is vague. But have faith, if you are one, then you know it. The people at the Hypnosis Institute are epic, smart – and well balanced.

What you need:

Complete the attached form and attach your CV in PDF format

Your CV should be 1-2 pages long

Add links, samples of your work or texts as proof of your talent.

Your accompanying video

Record yourself in a 3-minute video: Tell us about your life's mission and how you are progressing towards it every day. How does the Hypnosis Institute fit into this journey?

Upload it to the platform of your choice and include the link to it in your application.

What to expect during the selection process


Leave your details to join our talent community!

Selection list

We will get in touch with you to arrange the next step of the process (which can be either a practical test or an initial interview, depending on the case).

Job interviews

The interviews are an opportunity to get to know each other better and you can tell us what makes you stand out from the crowd. You can tell us about your career goals, your skills and strengths and the areas in which you would like to develop.

The offer

If you are successful, congratulations. You are about to become an official member of the Hypnosis Institute team!

Do you think all of this sounds appealing to you?

The advantages

Best teacher & training, at your service

As a team member, you will enjoy free and unlimited access to all our world-class assignments and courses from today’s best teachers.

Be surrounded by people who lift you up every day

You’ll meet rebels and visionaries who are launching game-changing movements, writing bestsellers – all in an inclusive space that honours the indescribable diversity of humanity.

Something magical happens when you start to connect with these people: you too find yourself on a level that you might never have thought possible.

Special discounts for events

Members receive generous discounts for participating in events – and for some there is also the opportunity to take part as a volunteer and have the entire trip sponsored.
You’re even encouraged to bring your family along for an experience they’ll never forget.

We at Hypnosis Institute look forward to receiving your application.

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