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Learning is an adventure that lasts a lifetime,...

Welcome to the Hypnosis Institute, the institute for your personal and professional growth!

The Hypnosis Institute is the result of many years of experience. Sharing knowledge has always fulfilled my life. Loving what I do and doing it with deep conviction has always been rewarded with success and personal wealth. The Hypnosis Institute is therefore much more than just a school for hypnotherapy. My goal is to inspire everyone to do what they are passionate about and to be the best they can be! Success is not a matter of luck, but a sequence of events. We want to help you take control of your events and manage them yourself with the help of meditation, deep trance and hypnotherapy.

In my many training courses I have noticed with regret that the trainer keeps his "little secret" about hypnotherapy to himself. The trainers at the Hypnosis Institute reveal all their knowledge. The fact that many of the colleagues I met on training courses told me after the course that they still felt very unsure about getting started straight away got me thinking. Why should I attend a training course if I can't do anything with it afterwards? Of course, you need a little personal experience and courage. Anyone who dares to take the step into self-employment knows all these blocking beliefs and fears.

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It was no different for me:

All this and much more contributed to the decision to design this school for hypnotherapy.

Inspiring people

The vision of the Hypnosis Institute

An important component is to be a hypnosis school that is still there for its students after the training. A school that, above all, does not claim that everything is bad except the methods of hypnotherapy that it teaches.

No, rather the opposite: it should be a be a platform for exchange. A library that collects and offers everything that hypnosis has to offer today and in the future. The courses are pedagogically structured in such a way that it is “easy” and above all fun to learn, experiment and put into practice.

Mission of the Hypnosis Institute

Our desire is to create a personal transformation that raises human consciousness.

We are a company that has a mission and lives by it.

We are not looking for participants who define themselves solely by their skills and experience. We want to know, what really motivates you and what drives you in life.

If you share this passion with us, you've come to the right place!

We maintain a hypnotherapy platform with the best trainers, authors and ambassadors to provide our participants with tools from today’s life. We help people make the most of themselves by enabling them to participate in Programmes, content and live events.

The platform is designed for relevant content and effective change.

The difference

We run this company not on the basis of how business is today – but on the basis of how many visionaries predict business will be in the future. Our mission is to change people and societies by spreading enlightening ideas.

We want to help humanity achieve its optimum.

Through your work in hypnotherapy, you shape the way your clients think, the way they educate their children, the way they treat their bodies and their minds. We have a responsibility to our participants to provide them with the best possible support in shaping their convictions and thus their lives.

Our philosophy

We want to help our participants to become the best version of themselves through meditation and the deep trance that hypnotherapy brings.

We want to help our participants become the best version of themselves.

We innovate quickly to stay at the forefront of increasing change.

The world is changing at an exponential pace. There were as many changes between 2016 and 202 as between 1900 and 2000. We are keeping pace with this change, which means that you will see more innovations and changes in a year than anywhere else. You should be able to feel comfortable with developing, learning quickly and pursuing almost impossible goals.

We believe that satisfaction is the most powerful tool for increasing productivity.

Don’t get us wrong, we are disciplined, the training days can be intense. And we believe that the job should be fun and that our partners look forward to doing their work every day.

We cultivate a culture of gratitude, compassion and appreciation.

A great corporate culture is a question of the awareness of the company itself. Gratitude, compassion and appreciation are indeed tangible processes that are anchored in our company’s DNA. That’s why the atmosphere is different.

We stand up for what we believe in.

Yes, we are ambitious and determined to advance humanity by empowering our target group to lead healthier and happier lives, to realise their full potential – to be extraordinary.

We unite our customers, our employees and our authors in ONE community.

We regard each of our students as a stakeholder. Our community unites at face-to-face and online events. We listen to our students and educate our trainers with values that are not based on making money, but on changing lifestyles.

Our concept for easy learning with hypnotherapy

Learning is an adventure that lasts a lifetime.

"The current education system as we know it does not prepare us for today's world".

The way we approach personal growth, coaching and hypnosis at the Hypnosis Institute is unique.

It is not just a hypnotherapy company, but a way of life. We see ourselves as much more than a community that shares with others.

We are constantly researching, developing, optimising and expanding our scope of action.

At a time when you have to be flexible and able to adapt quickly, it is necessary to keep learning and developing. This is also one of the reasons why we want to do without printed documents. Quite apart from the fact that this protects the environment and information is now almost exclusively stored in the cloud.

The Hypnosis Institute is the only hypnosis school in the world that equips and teaches its participants with the unique “Life Puzzle Pro”. This makes you a professional right from the preliminary discussion with your customer.

If you share this opinion, then you are in the right place to join people who do things differently!

Our team is made up of a group of people who are passionate about changing the world. Being human is more than what our old education system has produced so far.

"People don't come to therapy to change their past, they come to change their future.

Online training is boring ...

Many participants experience this when they register for online training courses.

The problem

The main problem with most hypnotherapy training programmes, whether online or offline, is the transfer of knowledge. It often fails because the course content is not put into practice.

This is exactly where we come in!

You are one of the people who

How do we proceed?

We offer training in hypnosis through Deep Trance in the form of hybrid training.

This is not just another online training course.

And this is how it works!

Learn where and when you want

All courses and content are accessible everywhere, easily and conveniently.

So you can easily learn on the go.

Learn hypnosis Everywhere

Customised concepts

The Hypnosis Institute offers various options for hypnotherapy. If you are an absolute beginner and have no idea about hypnosis, you will find your ideal course here. You can easily start for free.

You can book the book complete training on the dates offered and receive immediate access to your course and the lessons when you register. So you can start using hypnosis before your first practical lesson.

If you would like to take things a little slower, you can also attend the “Hypnosis Basic” course first and then add the “Advanced” course later to obtain your certification.

If you already have experience with hypnosis and hypnotherapy but would like to expand your knowledge, you will find further training in many areas of hypnosis here.

You can book supervision and/or mentoring for all courses. This means you will continue to receive personal support after the course.

Start your free course now!

Learn hypnosis online and offline – We support both beginners and professionals with the best tools. Here you will find everything you need to know about hypnosis training and further training in hypnosis.


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