Higher levels

Induction to “higher levels” always allows access to a higher consciousness,
Body-mind dissociation, sometimes spiritual presence, out-of-body experiences and access to personal or universal information, (Rupert Sheldrake: morphic fields)
Here there is an absolute absence of negativity and access to healing, knowledge and options.
It is also often claimed that access to “higher levels” is a universal process that offers the subject the opportunity to find solutions to their problem without having to focus on the problem.

Another interesting aspect of this technique is that the hypnotist does not need to know what the subject wants to work on. Even the test person does not necessarily have to know what is regularized within his system.


  • Stress regulation
  • profound topics
  • General relaxation
  • Improve skills in work or sport

The associated scripts can also be very easily adapted to the test person and their situation.


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