Inductions in general

As you have already learned from the Theoretical Lesson, hypnotic induction is the process you perform as a hypnotist to create the state or conditions for hypnosis to occur.

For this to work, 3 things are important:

  1. Your test person has to get involved. He must have the desire to be hypnotized.
  2. Your subject must follow your suggestions.
  3. You have absolutely no doubt that it works. You have a confident manner.

The good thing about it:

  • You always know more than your test person.
  • Your subject does not know what to expect.
  • You know the process of induction and why it works

What happens with standard induction?

What happens during a flash induction?

In the following lessons you will find detailed instructions on the various inductions.

The Dave Elman induction is then listed individually and explained in detail, as it is the main component of this training. We have a good reason for this: it is one of the best inductions ever!

Choose two quick and two flash inductions from the following, which you then put through their paces and internalize. The best inductions are always those that are suitable for you and that you feel comfortable with.

You will find a large number of inductions online.
The important thing is that you understand the principle, then you can make your own induction from anything you can think of.


It can also be fun and you have the right that it doesn’t work out so well at first.

You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll be able to hypnotize someone!


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