Online sessions with Elman Induction

Online hypnosis sessions have proven to work very well. However, there are a few things to bear in mind to ensure optimum use. In this course, I would like to address these various points.

Elman induction is also very reliable for online sessions and works in the vast majority of cases. The script for this can be found as a file in the appendix. Assuming that you are already familiar with the regular Dave Elman induction, I would like to briefly go through the individual phases again here.

You can also find out here what you need to look out for and what your test person should know in advance.


In this course, I would like to address these various points.
Assuming that you are already familiar with induction, I will briefly explain the individual phases again here. As you probably already know, there are 5 different phases in Elman induction. However, I have added 2 more.

Let’s take another quick look at the individual steps:

Phase 1

Even if everything has already been mentioned in the preliminary talk and the fears and misunderstandings have been addressed, the hypnosis contract is essential.

  1. May I hypnotize you?
  2. Is it okay if I touch your arm or hand? (touch lightly when asking)
  3. Are you ready to go into deep relaxation now?
  4. Would you like to work with me now to achieve your goal?

These questions should all be answered with a clear, unequivocal “yes”. Now take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, focus on the hand held in front of the client (at about 45° above the forehead) and, as you breathe out, close your eyes and relax.

Phase 2

We start with the catalepsy of small muscle groups. “Relax the eyelids to the point where they no longer want to function and test them to make sure they no longer want to function.” (Reference to the preliminary interview: It should already be explained here what is expected of the subject).

Phase 3

Extend relaxation to the whole body. “Now take this relaxation as a pattern for your whole body and let it flow through your whole body from your head to the tips of your toes, giving you a pleasant relaxation.”

Phase 4

The next phase is, of course, fractionation. “In a moment, I ask you to open your eyes and then close them again, and when you close them, let yourself go deeper x times.” Traditionally, we repeat this three times.

Phase 5

From there we move on to catalepsy of large muscle groups, which is usually done by dropping the client’s arm. “Just let your arm dangle like that, when it falls back into your lap, let yourself sink even lower.

Phase 6

At this stage, we now classically create amnesia through suggestion, which, as you know, occurs when the numbers disappear. “Count backwards from 100 out loud, let the numbers disappear when they have disappeared, notice how good it feels.

Phase 7

From here on, of course, we deepen using the well-known Dave Elman methods or other well-known deepening techniques. (Note: Does it make sense to announce another video on this subject that only deals with deepening techniques?)


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