6 week plan

Application of self-hypnosis

In order for an activity to become an unconscious skill (reflex behavior), it is important to condition the newly learned behavior (self-hypnosis); It is therefore advisable to use self-hypnosis at least once a day for the first 21 days; Duration is less important here; A few seconds are enough to condition the body and mind so that a connection (anchoring) can take place in the brain; After 21 days, the behavior becomes automatic and is thus anchored.

Week 1

In the first week, only one and the same suggestion should be used during self-hypnosis; E.g. “I feel fresh and refreshed.” Say this suggestion to yourself 2-3 times in your mind, or write it down on a piece of paper so that you can read it to yourself; Don’t think about the suggestion as soon as you go into self-hypnosis

Week 2

Now choose a new suggestion that you will use this week; Continue to stick with this same suggestion throughout the week. Application as week 1

Week 3-4

During the following two weeks, you can choose between the two suggestions previously applied; So sometimes the first, sometimes the second, as the situation may require. However, only one suggestion per day. Otherwise, proceed as before;

Week 5

Now you can use further suggestions as you wish; However, only one suggestion per hypnosis application; It makes sense to select the suggestion that you need at the given time; Otherwise continue as before;

Week 6

From now on you can also create a suggestion group; Should you e.g. often have to present something in front of a group, then you may need composure, a positive attitude, self-confidence and concentration. The generic term for this could then be: Lecture or any other term you like. Write this term on a piece of paper with everything that goes with it and read it to yourself several times. Then use your self-hypnosis without continuing to think about these words; This means that you only ever need to think of the appropriate generic term just before self-hypnosis for various recurring situations;

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