In the course of the session, especially during ISE or “chair therapy” (see lesson on chair therapy), strong emotions and feelings can sometimes arise.
These are also known as abreactions.
It is desirable to evoke these feelings, which have often been stored by the body for a very long time, and thus offer the client the opportunity to get rid of these feelings once and for all… Abreact. In itself, it is a reaction of the body to a stressful situation (danger) which it was unable to deal with at the time. The body must complete the action.
This is intended to help you deal with it.

The original feeling of his problem emerges
  • Let the client bring the reaction to an end and support them in doing so
  • give him the feeling that you are there and that nothing can happen to him
  • Confirm to him that what is happening is completely normal and good (he has been holding it in for a long time anyway)
  • If it’s too stressful, go to a “safe place” to recharge your batteries
  • you can use the desensitization technique to reduce the feeling more and more until it disappears completely
  • Allow the abreaction to continue until the subject calms down (e.g. Let the subject cry or laugh.
The abreaction turns out to be hysteria

Intensified form of an abreaction followed by strong back and forth movements of the head and legs. (Rather rare and if so then often during induction)

  • Remain calm.
  • Do not touch the test person while you are calming them down with words.
  • If he does not calm down, say repeatedly: “Let the scene fade away, concentrate only on your breathing.
  • If the reaction is repeated, calm down as before and end the session.

In any situation: always stay calm!!!
Your subject adapts to your calmness, you give him security.


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