Advantages and disadvantages of Elman induction

To the extent that one can speak of advantages and/or disadvantages at all, I would rather go into what makes induction unique and where induction is less appropriate or applicable.


  • Quick to learn (no script necessary)
  • Brings the test person into deep somnambulism in less than 6 minutes in some cases
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Good introduction to the Esdaile state
  • Works in over 80% of cases
  • Good induction for audio recordings
  • Can be used in online sessions (slightly adapted)
  • Built-in tests to check suggestibility (“hynosis depth”)
  • Structured


Can cause difficulties with:

  • People who have a strong need for control
  • Subjects who have a lot to do with numbers in their job (bankers, business people, tax consultants…)
  • People who need a long time to go into a trance
  • Dominant persons
  • Children (more suitable for faster induction)


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