Arrangement of the practice & video

The practice must comply with the applicable health and social standards.
The location should be easily accessible and well-lit (it gets dark outside more quickly in winter), in an environment that exudes safety. Ideally, it should also be accessible by train or bus and, if possible, be handicapped accessible.

Sometimes it is easier to share a practice with other health professionals.
It’s usually convenient for everyone involved, brings other clients in, and doesn’t isolate you too much from the outside world.

There should be a certain neutrality.

Pay attention to your own appearance, stay neutral.
Excessively visible tattoos, shocking piercings, cool clothing, etc. can give the client the wrong first impression. (Unless you are a specialist)
After the first session at the latest, the client has already gained confidence in you.
Make sure that you are always in the best physical and mental condition. Be a role model for your clients!

Keep the following in mind for the premises:

  • No overly subdued lighting
  • It is best to use light colors or pastel colors for the walls
  • Slightly warmer room temperature (blanket, as the client is often cold during hypnosis)
  • Eliminate all unpleasant odors
  • Ventilate the room after each session, provide fresh air,
  • Avoid hairspray, incense, perfume & deodorant
  • Hands of smokers (wash more often)
  • No incense sticks and scented candles
  • Music:
    Music style will disturb some people while being harmless to others.
    No music bothers no one
  • A quiet environment is preferable, but rarely possible.
    Always include the surroundings and sounds in your hypnosis.
  • The use of drugs or alcohol by your client can inhibit the trance state
    If available … schedule another appointment
  • Accessibility and comfort are very important
    Chair/couch should be adapted (no massage table)
    A removable cushion on the chair is desirable
  • The client’s clothing should fit loosely
  • Your client should wear glasses or hard contact lenses
    (soft contact lenses are acceptable)
    Also remove chewing gum, candy, hair clips
  • A trip to the toilet before the session is desirable
    Passage for the customer
  • Turn off all cell phones, pulse-generating bracelets and devices (including your own)
  • Provide a cushion in case of abreactions.
    Have a cushion ready for the client to hit in case of anger

Always make sure your practice looks neat and tidy. Also check the restrooms after each client.

Video camera :
Some hypnotists use video cameras to record the session. The client must be informed that the session is being recorded and the reason for this. Recording is only a protective measure for the client (and the hypnotist – see Dangers for the client and the hypnotist). For a video recording to be used in court, it must show the parties involved, the date and time on the image.

The presence of a camera filming the session is particularly reassuring for female clients and/or parents if you are working with children.


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