Authority and leadership

You are the person in charge of the session
You are the only person who can decide on the type of induction, the application of one technique or another,
a change of technique.

The subject knows nothing about the process, he will naturally see your approach as efficient
You only have to manage the verbal and non-verbal flow, in a consistent way, to guide the session to the best.

It is true that the subject in trance will be receptive to everything you say, do or even feel!

Like a child who falls down and looks for the expression in his mother’s eyes to find out whether he should cry or not, depending on the reaction, the subject will always come back to you.

You are the perceived authority in this situation
But you are also just a guide. You don’t have to decide for the subject.

Your interpretations, wishes, thoughts, world view or beliefs are not asked for.
(even if it could sometimes be advantageous for the respondent).

Never create false memories
The subject is in a trance, so is receptive, (although some say that the subconscious knows how to protect itself).
Be careful with what you say.


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