Before the appointment

Categorically reject any session that could reduce your neutrality or success rate;

(Incompatibility, sentimental attachment, family, relatives, work relationships…)
It does not mean that you should never work with people close to you; It is more a question of whether both parties feel comfortable in the setting; You should also know your personal boundaries in relation to different issues or problems that the client wants to come to you with;
If you have the feeling that you will be overwhelmed with the client or his problem or that you do not agree with his idea of the goal, then it is better to send him to a colleague;

You should provide clear information on your website about your practices, methods, session procedure, topics, competencies and limits of interventions; This will help you avoid unpleasant situations in advance;

Pre-talk of the hypnosis session by sending a video

You can send your customer a video immediately after their booking with the general information that you mention each time in the preliminary discussion; With various providers, you have the option of automating this process; The access to the video can be e.g. be a link to a video portal (youtube) or your website. The content of the video should be short and understandable; In no case longer than 15 minutes.


  • Gives you time for other tasks
  • Saves time for the session itself
  • Protects the hypnotist’s voice
  • Also ensures a consistent quality of your preliminary discussions


The preliminary talk is 80% responsible for the success of hypnotherapy !


  • An explanation of how the mind works.
  • The elimination of fears and misconceptions of hypnosis.
  • All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.
  • The hypnotist is merely a guide who accompanies the change;
  • Cooperation requested by the client What is expected of him
  • Have the mental attitude to make it work.
  • Responsibility for the result remains with the client.

Tailor your conversation to your personality, speak in clear language, with engaging examples, but always keep to the key points above. The client should have the feeling that you are qualified.

Audio file with guided relaxation hypnosis

You can record an audio file with a relaxation hypnosis that you can send to your client in the mail; This allows the client to experience hypnosis in a safe environment, in their own home; Include suggestions that make it easier for the client to go deeper and faster into hypnosis each time. This means that the client is already focused on your voice and makes it easier for you to induce them at the first appointment;

Example of an audio file

Questionnaire for the client

Create a questionnaire (instructions can be found in the course “Preliminary talk & anamnesis”), which you send to your client by e-mail; You can combine this with the video message; Invite the client to complete the questionnaire to the best of their ability and return it to you by email;
He should also write down any questions he still has about the meeting; This makes it easier to discuss them afterwards and not forget anything important.

Busy diary effect

Do not make any appointments for the coming days, even if your diary is free; This adds value to the appointment and makes you the specialist you want.
You can always offer to keep the appointment earlier on the pretext of withdrawing.


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