Calendar technique

The calendar technique, similar to the hotel of regression, offers a metaphor that enables the client to move in time.
To do this, the client should imagine a calendar in their mind’s eye; You can then either lead it directly to a known date or you can leave it open and the date that has to do with the problem or its cause, for example, will appear;


  • a good option if you do not yet have much experience with hypnosis; This method allows you a little more time
  • the subject has a certain “control” over the speed of the process
  • very good for visual clients
  • appropriate for young and older clients


  • Not suitable for clients who are too head-heavy and may recall their memory after the appointment
  • less suitable for clients who are used to taking orders and feel more comfortable being told what to do
  • requires a little more time


  1. Preliminary talk, gathering information
  2. Hypnosis contract
  3. Dave Elman Induction
  4. Deepening techniques for deep somnambulism
  5. Calendar technique (see script in the appendix)
  6. Resolving the problem 0r/and anchoring positive feelings
  7. Leading out of hypnosis

Follow the instructions as described in the download; Read through the script a few times so that you are able to carry out the technique without assistance


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