Change hypnosis vs. show hypnosis

Hypnosis, as we use it to support people, certainly has nothing to do with show hypnosis.
The difference should be very clear at this point. Many misconceptions and fears unfortunately result from show hypnosis.

Show or street hypnosis
The aim of show hypnosis is to entertain both the hypnotized person and the audience.

During a show, the person undergoes a hypnotic experience that temporarily removes them from reality.
By following the direct suggestions of the show hypnotist, the hypnotized person thinks for a moment that they are either a status symbol, musician, millionaire or something else. As the suggestion is accepted, the subject behaves accordingly.

Only turns yourself into a chicken if you agree to the suggestion, because hypnosis is not a loss of control.

This image is mainly given by show hypnosis where volunteers are selected for their suggestibility and their willingness to participate in accepting the suggestions;
The level of familiarity of the hypnotist and the conditioning that is carried out by the number of visitors to the event creates a favorable atmosphere.

The hypnosis we teach here does not turn anyone into a “hen”!
Therapeutic, clinical or coaching hypnosis is about helping the subject to change. If it is true that hypnotists have a gift, then it is simply the ability to listen and, through the effectiveness of the techniques learned, to act as a guide to change.

In reality, we never lose our free will and the attentive “watcher”. Our system will never obey a suggestion that is dangerous to us.
In a state of hypnosis, we do not make unwanted revelations or inadvertently reveal our credit card codes.

The hypnotist supports the volunteer in his change, protecting him to do what is good for him.


Both practices have a fundamental right to exist as long as they are recognized for what they are.
In principle, however, both practices have the same condition for them to work:

  • The test person must engage with the process
  • The subject must accept the hypnotist’s suggestions.


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