Change view

In the situation:

If the respondent is stuck in a situation, ask them to perceive everything. Ask them to describe the feelings, emotions …

First position, change point of view:

Now change the position of your test person, as if they were taking a few steps away from themselves, and as if they were observing themselves from a certain distance.
Have them describe the sensations, emotions … from this perspective that they have of themselves by seeing themselves in the problem situation.

Second position, change point of view:

Now change your respondent’s position once again, as if they were taking a few steps away from themselves. Now he observes himself as he observes himself in the problem situation. On the other hand, he observes himself from this position, in the problem situation.
Have the feelings, emotions … described to you from this perspective.

Use the change in perception:
A view through the eyes of another person or a sympathetic observer. By distancing yourself from the problem situation, you can argue in a completely different way. the situation may already be irrelevant, even ridiculous. Here you have the opportunity to find solutions or realign your goal.

In practice:

This technique can be used within a hypnosis session, as part of the process, or as a stand-alone method.

It is also very quick and easy to use during the preliminary discussion with the subject.
Floor anchors are suitable for this, whereby you simply lay out sheets of paper in different colors on the floor and have the subject stand in the individual positions.


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