Classification of inductions

The standard inductions
require between 4 minutes and 20 minutes to induce the subject into somnambulism.
They are the most commonly used and are considered very reliable depending on the induction procedure. Suitable for older people and those who need a little more time or have never come into contact with hypnosis before.

Rapid inductions
Take about 1 minute to 4 minutes to achieve somnambulism. Should be followed up with a deepening technique. Very suitable for children, adolescents, demos or clients who come repeatedly for hypnosis sessions. Should not be used on older people or those with heart problems.

Flash inductions
Take only a few seconds to induce the subject into somnambulism. Application of deepening techniques immediately after induction to consolidate and deepen the state. Suitable for young people, demos, repeaters or people with a heavy head. Should not be used for older people or those with heart problems (pacemakers).


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