Critical factor

The critical factor

How the critical factor works

The critical factor is a mechanism that allows the transmission of suggestions (and information) to the subconscious.

At the edge of the conscious mind, it acts like a guard that would monitor access to the subconscious.

Bypassing the critical factor means no longer making critical judgments like:
“This is true, this is not true, this is good or bad, this suits me or it doesn’t suit me…”

He confronts the suggestion with what already exists (ongoing processes and mental images of the subconscious), with the tendency not to want to change what is there, because that would require additional energy, as the subconscious holds on to what has worked so far.

All information that affects us is filtered on the basis of experiences and beliefs.

If it is not in line with the existing programming, the critical factor will stop this new data and negate any possibility of change.

Hypnosis bypasses the critical factor to avoid filtering and denial.

For example:
I want to stop smoking. I have made the decision.
Filtering can’t find an existing program to stop smoking…
On the contrary, then I smoke. I had reason to. It’s suited me so far and I’ve survived so far.
It takes an effort, I prefer it, and it’s easier to refuse this request.
That’s the reasoning of the bouncer who keeps refusing this idea.

Now let’s use hypnosis to confuse the critical factor (what happens when you enter a very deep stage of hypnosis, somnambulism…).
Let’s access existing programs, and get back to the number one cause of smoking:
the need for security.
Quitting smoking gives me a feeling of security.
Now the filter will work without that subconscious justification that held back the affirmations to take root in the subconscious, like, smoking is bad for your health, and all the other reasons to quit. (and there are many of them).

In order to be accepted by the subconscious, it should be considered that the suggestion,
is in accordance with what already exists.
Let us not forget that the subconscious mind protects us.
Simply, using what it has developed as a strategy to protect you, which has been valid and useful for a certain period of time and under special circumstances.
When the change is necessary, outdated strategies need to be removed and an update needs to take place to bring our functioning up to date.

Hypnosis allows us to act directly on inappropriate life strategies.

What and who bypasses the critical factor

Authority brings the client into a state that bypasses the critical factor: doctors, firemen, policemen, soldiers, parents, teachers, religious leaders,…

A small child has no critical factor
up to the age of 3 – 5, some say 7 – 8 years. It first perceives information unfiltered.

Television, advertising, media
often bypass the critical factor.
(repetition, saturation, moment of relaxation of the client, etc…)

Trance states bypass the critical factor:
a state of ecstasy, contemplation, orgasmic state, passion, love…

Also grief, extreme anxiety and depression, sudden strong feelings…
Group phenomenon, crowds, mass hysteria.
Or an accident, panic, shock, …

We can go into a trance through repetition, sensory overdrive, confusion,
Rhythm, music, singing, monotony (street hypnosis)…


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