Current Dave Elman Induction

We will continue to use this version. Download the Pdf. file in the materials. Save it to your notebook or print it out. This way you can easily use the template in the following exercises without having to use the screen.

“When you are ready, allow your eyes to close.
Take a deep breath – let all the outer tension fall away… Exactly.”

“Now please focus on your eyelids…and allow the muscles of your eyelids to become completely LOCKER…SLEEP…AND HEAVY…when you know your eyelids are completely loose…completely relaxed…completely heavy…then hold that relaxation and allow them to continue to stop functioning…”
“Check your eyelids by pulling your eyebrows slightly upwards … (watch the client try to open their eyelids – then say:)

good, stop testing… and… send the same quality of relaxation from your head to the tips of your toes… EXCELLENT!”

“We will continue to deepen the relaxation you are in now.”

“RIGHT NOW… I’m going to ask you to open your eyes… here’s what we’re going to do…” (Remember to move your hand up and down in front of the client’s field of vision)

“I will count to three…On the count of three you will open your eyes, then I will gently snap my fingers, (if you want to skip the snap you can use a pen as a click) this is a cue for you to close your eyes again and increase relaxation.”

“1… 2 … 3 … open (flick gently) and close them. Double the relaxation.”

“1… 2 … 3 … open (flick gently) and close them. Once again, relax more deeply.”

“1… 2 … 3 … open (flick gently) and close them. Deeper and deeper.”

“I’m going to lift your hand here at the wrist (gently tap the wrist with your finger). Don’t help me, because this way you can fully enjoy your relaxation.”

“When I do this for you, just allow your hand to remain loose and heavy so that it is absolutely limp, like a rag doll. As soon as I let it go, you’ll notice how it just plops down, like a wet sponge or rag, and feel how this relaxation expands over your whole body once again”
(Check the limpness before you continue)

“EXCELLENT! Now we have the physical relaxation we need.

I’m about to show you how to achieve mental relaxation with a fully alert and clear mind.”

“IN A MOMENT…I’m going to ask you to count backwards slowly but loudly from 100 so that I can hear you. I’ll show you first, then you do it when I ask you to”

100 … 99 … 98 … (give suggestions to breathe in and out deeply between the numbers)

and because you do this, you’ll find that after a few numbers, the ones that come next have simply disappeared from your mind. There simply aren’t any more and you don’t care at all whether there are any left. Imagine it and just let it happen.”
“Start now.”

(CLIENT) 100 (HYPNOTISEUR) “double the relaxation.”
(CLIENT) 99 (HYPNOTISEUR) “let them fade away.”
(CLIENT) 98 (HYPNOTISEUR) “make them disappear.”
(CLIENT) 97 (HYPNOTISEUR) “let them all go now.”
(Remember, don’t let them count further than 96)

“All gone? Very good, go deeper now.” (Don’t ask: Are the numbers gone?)

At this point it makes sense to use Deepener. This allows you to ensure that the desired state is consolidated. You can also use deepening techniques to achieve further levels of hypnosis. Including the Esdaile state and higher levels of hypnosis.
Below you will find a variant to lead the subject out of the hypnotic state. Here are only examples of suggestions that you can use to lead the subject out of hypnosis.

“So… completely resolved. You perceive the sounds around you. But these noises don’t bother you, on the contrary, they help you to sink even further. With every breath, with every word I say, you can continue to follow this pleasant feeling.”

(At this point, you can give further positive suggestions and repeat them while counting from 1-5)

“You are now so pleasantly relaxed and you know that every time you go into hypnosis from now on, you can go faster and deeper into this wonderful state.

You will go faster and deeper into hypnosis with each subsequent hypnosis. It feels fantastic…

I will now count from 1-5. When I get to 5, but not before, you will open your eyes and you will feel wide awake, fully present, full of energy and drive.

  • 1… from now on you will go deeper and faster into hypnosis each time
  • 2… you feel refreshed, full of energy, simply fantastic
  • 3… each further hypnosis lets you relax deeper and faster
  • 4… allow your vital organs, breathing and heart rate to return to normal levels so that you are immediately fully present again…refreshed…full of energy
  • 5… open your eyes…absolutely present…totally fresh and refreshed!”


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