Dealing with strong reactions

During induction, even at the very beginning, strong emotions and feelings can rarely arise.
These are also known as abreactions.
This is intended to help you deal with them.

Instead of relaxing, the subject becomes increasingly agitated.

The original feeling of his problem emerges and is intensified by the induction.

  • Without continuing with the induction, immediately switch to a regression and solve the problem.
  • Say the following sentence: “Let the feeling (scene) fade away, concentrate only on your breath. When the subject calms down, continue with the induction.
  • Allow the abreaction to continue until the subject calms down. (e.g. Let the subject cry or laugh.

The respondent reacts very strongly by crying or screaming.

Intensified form of an abreaction or even hysteria.

  • Stay calm.
  • Do not touch the subject while you are calming them down with words.
  • If he does not calm down, say repeatedly: “Let the scene fade away, concentrate only on your breathing.
  • If the reaction is repeated, calm down as before and end the session.

In any situation: always stay calm!!!
Your subject adapts to your calmness, you give him security.


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