Direct regression (Direct Drive Technique)

Sometimes there is a particular point in time that a client wants to relive because it is associated with positive or negative memories and/or feelings; Using this technique, we can guide the client back to a known event or point in time;
There is a wide range of applications. Direct regression can also be guided and used at any moment of the hypnosis process;
This technique is always very suitable when a very specific skill, feeling or simply to establish a safe place in a session; This safe place can then serve as a refuge during the session where you can recharge your batteries
or simply take a break.

How to use

  • Create a safe (known) location
  • Collect previous resources
  • Lead directly to the problem situation
  • Lead to a moment where a solution or optimal state already existed
  • Desensitization
  • Return through the SSE’s, AE (if available) and FSE, after resolving the problem
  • Progression into an upcoming, known event in the future

Example of an application:

One of your clients needs a specific resource very quickly for an event that is about to take place; For example, an exam, sports event, performance…
Here you could apply the DRT as follows;


  • Lightning induction
  • Direct regression to the required resource
  • Anchoring the feeling
  • Progression into the upcoming event
  • Compounding
  • Drain the hypnosis


Here you will find instructions on how to use the Direct Regression Technique;


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