Exercise “Hand Over Head – Induction”

Watch the video a few times and write down the instructions. You don’t actually need any words to perform the induction. If you wish, you can say the word “sleep” quietly at the point where your hand comes to the back of the subject’s face.

Find a test subject with whom you can carry out the following steps:

  1. Have your test person sit on a chair.
  2. Stand next to them, not too far away.
  3. Perform the induction without words.
  4. Mention the word “sleep” if you wish just before your back hand.
  5. Use a deepening technique immediately.
  6. Give him some positive suggestions.
  7. Then tell your subject that they can open their eyes again as soon as they want to.
  8. After the exercise, ask your subject how they felt.


Make sure that your subject is sitting securely on a chair (cannot tip forward). Have him take off his glasses and remove chewing gum from his mouth, if available.

Contact lenses should also be avoided. As the eyes move back and forth behind the eyelids in a hypnotic state, the contact lenses could slip out of place. That would be a little uncomfortable for your subject.


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