Exercise: “Knot induction”

Watch the video and write your own script to perform this exercise.

Find a test person with whom you can carry out the following steps:

  1. Explain what you expect from your subject.
  2. Ask for permission to touch his arm and hand.
  3. Perform the induction according to your script.
  4. Then tell your subject that he can open his eyes again as soon as he wants to.
  5. After the exercise, ask your subject how they felt.

You will of course need a cord to do this. A shoelace is best suited for this. Tie a knot in the line every 2 centimeters.


Make sure that your test person is sitting securely on a chair (cannot tip forward). Have him take off his glasses and remove chewing gum from his mouth, if available.

Contact lenses should also be avoided. As the eyes move back and forth behind the eyelids in a hypnotic state, the contact lenses could slip out of place. That would be somewhat unpleasant for your test person.


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