Exercise online session

Choose someone you know as your test person. Perform a hypnosis by going through the individual steps. Use an app of your choice that is easy for your subject to install or that you both already use.
Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp,… can be used here. .

  1. Send your test person the checklist
  2. Install the agreed app
  3. Familiarize yourself with the use of the tool
  4. Establish the connection to the test person
  5. Conduct a complete preliminary interview
  6. Explain what you expect from the respondent
  7. Go into the important points for an online session
  8. Ensure that the camera and sound are optimally aligned
  9. Perform the customized Dave Elman induction
  10. Use an intensifier
  11. Use the Strand Vertiefer
  12. Give your subject useful suggestions
  13. Lead your subject out of hypnosis
  14. Conduct a post-hypnotic interview in which you obtain feedback from your subject about:
    a) the individual steps before the induction
    b) the experience of the session
    c) how they felt after the session
    d)what else they would have expected or wished for a better process


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