Feedback and follow-up


For the hypnotist: Feedback from the client is important for the hypnotist to be able to determine what he/she can possibly change in order to improve the quality of his/her service.

For the client: It is a sign of appreciation for the client because he/she is asked once again how he/she is feeling and feels important.
It is also a good support to promote marketing. By asking questions some time after the session, the client is reminded of their appointment and the result, not least of the hypnotist.
is reminded. This increases the recommendation rate.

There are various options for obtaining feedback.
You can send the client a feedback form by e-mail, which is sent automatically after the client has attended their appointment. Here you will find an example of a feedback form that you can send to your client.
You can of course also call a few days after the session and ask. However, this is time-consuming.
Make sure you get your client’s permission to send them information or call them!

Follow Up

Give your client a task to do after the session. This can be in the form of a small gift. Like e.g.. a notebook in which he can write down his changes and experiences after hypnosis. A LifePuzzleGo, with which he has a personal coach at home or an audio recording that he can listen to regularly.

Reviews and ratings

There are a number of review platforms on the Internet that you can use to obtain a review.
For example, the customer can create a review online via Facebook or ProvenExpert.
Of course, this has the advantage that interested parties can also see how you are rated by customers.
Of course, we don’t necessarily receive personal feedback this way, both
would therefore be advisable. An automatic email dispatch can facilitate the process of requesting feedback.


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