Flash inductions

These inductions are so named because they only take a few seconds to lead the subject into somnambulism. Deepening techniques must be used immediately after the induction in order to consolidate and deepen the state, otherwise the subject will quickly return from the hypnotic state. They are well suited for young people, demos, repeaters or people with a heavy head. However, they should not be used on older people or people with heart problems (pacemakers).

The following instructions and videos show a small selection of lightning hypnoses and how they work. Take some time to practise them. You will be surprised how quickly your subject will go into hypnosis.

Hand Drop Induction

The Hand Drop Induction is one of my favorite inductions. It is a so-called “non-fail” induction, so it works virtually every time. It takes some practice, but once you have understood the principle and no longer have to concentrate on the process, you will see how easy and quick it is.


  • Make sure that you are sitting close enough to the subject so that you can rest your arm on your leg.
  • Explain to the test person exactly what you expect from them. They must follow the instructions exactly.
  • Position his hand on yours so that his fingers do not look over your hand.
  • At 3, he should press firmly.
  • From then on, give him another task, such as breathing in and out deeply.
  • Before you finish your sentence, give it the command “sleep”.
  • At the same moment, turn your hand upwards so that his falls down.
  • Continue with suggestions to go deeper.

Arm Pull Rapid Induction

The Arm Pull Rapid Induction is indeed very fast. However, it is not actually about pulling the subject’s arm, but simply giving a small impulse as if you were pulling it away. When using this technique, always make sure that nothing happens to your subject. I had a painful experience during my training. After I gave the command “sleep” to my training partner, it immediately put him into hypnosis and he fell towards me. Unfortunately, our heads met in the middle ­čÖé
Of course, that doesn’t have to happen to you. Be aware in advance of where you will lead your test person if necessary.


  • Ensure safety.
  • Stand with your legs slightly apart in front of the subject so that you are always supported by your back leg.
  • Make sure his arm is loose and relaxed.
  • Look him between the eyes.
  • Gently twist his hand just before you let go.
  • Give the command “Sleep” at the same moment.
  • Catch him if necessary.
  • Deepen using deepening techniques.
  • Tell your subject that he can stand firmly on his feet.

Hand over head induction

This induction is all about confusion. One hand is held in front of the subject’s face while the other is behind their head. At a certain moment, the front hand is turned backwards and the back hand is turned forwards. It is a moment and a movement that the subject does not expect.


  • Make sure your subject is sitting securely on the chair.
  • Have him sit slightly forward.
  • Hold your hand slightly above the subject’s forehead.
  • As soon as they blink their eyes, bring your back hand to the front.
  • Deepen the hypnotic state with suggestions and deepening techniques.

Arm Drop – Snap Induction

Induction is quick and easy to learn. You can carry out the process for practicing, even without a test person. With a little practice and once you have understood the principle, you no longer need to concentrate on the process. Then it will be very easy for you to use induction with a test person. It’s best to go deeper right after the “sleep” command. Otherwise, it may happen that your test person falls asleep relatively quickly. will come out of hypnosis on their own.


  • Ensure safety.
  • Stand close enough to your test person so that you can easily perform the induction.
  • Make sure his arm is loose and relaxed.
  • Look him between the eyes.
  • Make sure your subject keeps his head straight and only follows your hand with his gaze.
  • Flick exactly in the corner of the eye where the subject can no longer follow your gaze.
  • At the same moment, give the command “Sleep” and drop your arm.
  • Catch him if necessary.
  • Deepen using deepening techniques.
  • Lead your subject out of hypnosis again.

Smiley Induction

You will need a pen to perform this technique. Before induction, you draw a smiley face on one of your fingers, which you then use for induction.
You then tell the subject to concentrate on the smiley and that they will go into deep hypnosis as soon as the smiley touches their forehead.


  • Ensure safety.
  • Make sure that your subject is sitting securely.
  • Hold your finger slightly above the subject’s forehead.
  • Look him between the eyes.
  • Give the command “Sleep” at the same moment as the finger touches the forehead.
  • Deepen using deepening techniques.


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