Formulating suggestions

Structure of a hypnotic suggestion

The hypnotic suggestion is a series of commands, instructions, directions given by the hypnotist with the aim of leading the subject into an altered state of consciousness and with the intention of change.

This can take place in any way, verbally or otherwise.
Everything the hypnotist says, feels or does to put the subject into a trance is transferred to the subject.
Suggestions, in hypnosis, are positively worded or restructure the negative elements.

How to build a suggestion

A suggestion follows a certain structure.

When? (at what moment something happens)

  • when your hand touches your leg…
  • every time you…
  • I’m going to count to three, and when I get to three,…
  • only on the number 3, will you…
  • while your arm…
  • when…

what? (what will happen)

  • will you relax
  • you will let go of your hand
  • you breathe in
  • and so on…

How? (Description of the action)

  • (will you relax) from head to toe
  • (will your hand just fall down) like a wet sponge or rag

And! (link to another suggestion)

  • and because that’s the way it is, you can let yourself go on and on
  • and you can imagine being in a completely different place


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