Group hypnosis

Working with groups with hypnosis is easy and offers a wide range of possibilities.
Here is a short list:

  • Information about hypnosis can be disseminated more quickly
  • Interested parties gain an insight into the hypnotist and hypnosis without having to address a problem straight away
  • As a hypnotist, you can make yourself known more quickly, marketing strategy
  • it is a good balance to individual sessions and offers a good side income
  • You can organize themed group sessions
  • it is possible to hold group hypnosis online via webinars

Disadvantages of group hypnosis:

  • no individual work possible
  • you are limited in the topics
  • you need a little more space
  • participants must bring yoga mats, cushions and blanket

Group hypnosis workshops are usually well attended. You are relatively free to organize the course as you wish. You can hold the workshop in one day or spread it over a few evenings. Or you can simply offer a guided session that doesn’t have to last longer than an hour.

In a one-day workshop, it makes sense to teach participants self-hypnosis right away. After the course, they will have the ability to hypnotize themselves. As an organizer, you will also always receive requests for individual sessions after the course.

Use the Dave Elman induction for group hypnosis. In the course on Elman induction and the self-hypnosis course, you will find instructions with which you can easily design your own course.


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