Hotel of the regression

Hotel Regression uses an imaginary corridor as a metaphor for a regression. The respondent is asked to imagine a corridor as he or she knows it from a hotel; There are doors on one side that lead to the various rooms; And just like in a hotel, there is a different number on every door;
After the respondent confirms that he can imagine such a corridor, he is given further instructions;
Because this corridor is the “corridor of time” and the individual doors lead to different events; The number on the door therefore corresponds to one year of the test person.
The number on the door in front of which he is currently standing is the number of his current age; Either you know the age of your respondent because you asked them in the preliminary interview, or you ask them during the session;
The hallway goes to the right as well as to the left; The next door on the right site then has the number corresponding to one year less than the current one and so on and so forth; On the other side, it goes in the direction of the future, so the numbers correspond to a larger value;
There is a door that has to do with the problem for which the subject has come to you, he should not concentrate on which one it is, but let his “subconscious” guide him. It hasn’t forgotten anything and has access to all information. As soon as the test person feels they have to stop, ask them for the number on the door they have stopped in front of;
You can now start your regression with this instruction;


  • is well suited for rational people
  • If you get stuck with the affect bridge, you can simply switch to this technique
  • If there is no feeling with the affect bridge, simply switch to this technique
  • You can have your test person move in the past and future in the hallway (neutral path)
  • You can also control the door (the event) yourself
  • You can install doors opposite each other, for example, where resources can be found
  • is well suited for beginners, as it gives you some time to think


  • is not suitable if the emotion (feeling) is very strong at the beginning of the session
  • it takes a little longer than with the affect bridge because you have to explain the scenario
  • is not well suited for people who are not visually oriented at all and cannot visualize things

Here you will find the instructions for the Hotel of Regression. In itself, the scenario is quite simple, which allows you to quickly deepen it and guide it without using the script; It is best to imagine such a hallway yourself when you are working with your test person and pretend you are in the hallway with them;


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