Hypnosis contract

The so-called “hypnosis contract” is merely a verbal agreement between the hypnotist and the subject.

Many consider it mandatory

In principle, the following questions are asked shortly before the induction begins:

  • May I hypnotize you?
  • May I touch your arm, hand or forehead?
  • Are you ready to go into a deep trance?
  • Will you work with me now to achieve your goal?

The background to this is to ensure that the subject has no more objections, fears or questions. It also obliges the client to take responsibility for the result.

It also offers a positive yes-set.
(Sequence of yeses that lead to another yes or a readiness for your next instruction).

Why create a problem where there wasn’t one before?

Since the subject is coming to me to be hypnotized anyway, why ask if I am allowed or agree to go into hypnosis? This could lead to uncertainty on the part of the subject. Why is the hypnotist asking this now?

The preliminary talk makes up for everything!

If you have answered all the necessary questions in advance and explained to your subject what happens during hypnosis, then the hypnosis contract is limited to just one question:
“Is it okay if I touch your hand and arm?”

Of course, you have already explained to him that suggestions (i.e. the goal) only work if he accepts them. Whereby we have also clarified the issue of responsibility.


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