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Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval in Shamanism Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval
(age regression and parts therapy in hypnosis)
Parts of our soul can separate or fragment and go to other dimensions so that our physical body can survive trauma or loss;
With a missing fragment of the soul, we can suffer a loss of physical, psychological or spiritual strength.
The idea of Soul Retrieval is to make contact with a lost fragment and reintegrate it into our soul so that our totality can heal and blossom.
The shaman sees these parts of the soul as beings that we can engage with, talk to, heal and save ourselves.
The loss of the soul can occur as a result of trauma. When a child is abused or hurt, a piece of its soul separates and returns to the symbolic dimension of the “grandmother” for the protection that its real mother cannot offer.
Symptoms of soul loss often come from feeling divided, not being in the here, having a blocked memory, sudden apathy, or lack of zest for life, the inability to feel love for others or receive love from others, often leading to emotional coldness.
The loss of these parts of the self often manifests itself in the form of despair, suicidal tendencies and/or addictions, addictions, or most often depression;

Parts therapy in hypnosis
This concept is based on the fact that our personality consists of a number of different parts; Our parts of the personality are aspects of the subconscious mind, each with its own specific needs and functions.
In other words, we wear many different suits when we walk the path of life; The mind can be seen as being composed of individual parts;
Problems can be solved by working together with the individual parts. Soul retrieval and parts therapy are very similar.

Age regression in hypnosis
The idea here is that whatever we feel is due to a cause, something that happened earlier in this life. The memory of our subconscious contains everything that has happened to us in our lives;
Age regression allows us to relive past memories to find the cause of any effect, whether positive or negative. Some people believe that 95 percent of all human problems are the result of past experiences;
Relationship conflicts, phobias, obesity problems, blockages such as fear of success and fears such as fear of commitment or intimacy are just some of the problems that can often be solved with an age regression technique;
Even if a problem appears to be related to current abuse or conflict, it is often the result of something that began in a different phase of the person’s life;
Age regression takes us back to the cause to observe the event that triggered the effect.
Once the cause has been understood, the hypnotist can perform release techniques;

Winning back destiny Destiny Retrieval
(Progression in hypnosis)
A standard technique in hypnosis is to guide the client through time into the future to explore what is happening in that time or to use that future to understand what is happening in the present and to understand what necessary changes need to be made.
The usual technique is to project the client into the future to the moment when the desired end result (client’s objective) already exists or has been achieved;
In shamanism, this is called a journey of divination, in certain types of shamanism it is called metamorphosis or dream spinning;
Analysis and free translation of a conference by Jim Fallon urbanhuna.org/hypnosis-shamanic-journeying
On the physical level, there are strikingly many parallels between hypnosis and shamanic trance, if we consider the shaman’s state of travel (cf. Walsh, 1998, p. 266) as a moment of comparison:
Reduced heart rate and lower blood pressure, slowed even breathing, cataleptic phenomena, reduced sensory responsiveness (light, sound, touch, pain) are among them; To summarize, it is extremely striking how many parallels there are between shamanic trance states (especially that of the shamanic journey) and the trance in hypnosis. These are clearly visible on both a physical and psychological level; There is a well-founded assumption that the two trance states are very similar (if not identical) (see also Hell, 1993);


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