Informed Child Technique – Informed Child Technique

The Informed Child Technique – ICT, is a technique typically used in conjunction with regression;

Once the ISE has been achieved, the aim is to send the subject to a place from which he or she, dissociated from the event, has a completely different perspective and ability to evaluate the situation; This gives the “child” in the ISE a plausible explanation for what has happened to them; Knowing that everything went well in the end and it doesn’t have to be anything more than one of many situations he has experienced that no longer have a negative impact on his future.

Through desensitization, the original problem loses its relevance and power. This also includes everything negative, such as emotions, feelings, pain, etc., that was associated with the initial situation;

When the abreactions subside and we have revealed enough information about the event discovered through the regression technique, we can now guide the client back to their peaceful (or safe) place. There is no specific moment when we can dogmatically say that it is time to do this; rather, this decision is often made intuitively, based on being a good listener and observer.

While it is not a serious problem if we keep the client in regression for too long, it can sometimes cause a little more emotional discomfort than is necessary to facilitate letting go. However, if we take the client out of the event too early, this can prevent complete liberation; So use good clinical judgment to dose it just right for the individual client.


  • Elman Induction
  • Deepener for deep somnambulism
  • Create a safe place
  • Select regression technique and lead to ISE
  • Guide ICT
  • Compound (reinforce) positive feelings
  • Hypnosis

Instructions for creating a safe place.

You can find the instructions for the Informed Child Technique here!


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