Inner Child – Inner Child

The Inner Child Technique – IC, is a technique typically used in connection with regression.
After reaching the ISE, it is important for the subject to be, on the one hand, the person who is currently experiencing the event and, on the other hand, the adult of today, who has considerably more experience and knowledge than the “little one”. Two anchors are set in connection with touching the forearm and shoulder. Touching the forearm means: “I am talking to the little one (who is currently experiencing the event)” Touching the shoulder means: “I am talking to the adult of today.”
From now on, the hypnotist can address one or the other person (of course it is the same person) and guide the “adult” to give the “child” an explanation for the experience and support him with a solution that the little one would have needed there. There is a dialog between the “big one” and the “little one”.
Here too, of course, the adult has completely different ways of evaluating the cause of the problem and creating an appropriate awareness for the little one (himself).
This technique is one of my favorites. It is extremely efficient, can be very emotional, but also a very intense and enjoyable experience for the subject. It is also about self-love and acceptance.

The process

  • Dave Elman Induction
  • Deepening technique for deep somnambulism
  • Select regression technique and go to ISE
  • Instruction Inner Child
  • Go through SSEs (if available)
  • Progression into the future
  • Reinforce positive feelings
  • Drawing out hypnosis
Guide Inner child!


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