Introduction to

“The only reason for a living structure to be is to be” Henri Laborit

IN˃TELL˃ACT – Life Strategy is a model designed to represent the various elements of a life strategy. The pictorial representations and the three-dimensional nature of the material support the brain in trying to understand its own life strategy and that of those around it.
In the hands of a counselor in interpersonal relationships, a teacher, coach or therapist, it is an important tool to reach the goal much faster than just verbal explanations,
but it is also an enrichment for the layman in his personal development.

The human being: an open system

Humans are an open system, which means that their behavior is dependent on external influences in the form of INFORMATION.

This information is not limited to consciously perceived information, but also includes all external information in the form of light rays, sound waves, pressure waves, heat and chemical molecules.

The computer as a reference model

The computer is the most complex open system that man has constructed based on his own model. This is why we use this metaphor to explain the functioning of the HUMAN system.

If we look at the functioning of a cell, we realize that the cell not only functions like a computer, but is a real little computer. (Bruce Lipton, stem cell research, USA)


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