Limits of hypnosis

Legal limits

  • Compliance with the legislation of the country in which you practice.
  • Compliance with tax and social obligations.
  • Compliance with health standards.

Ethical boundaries
Absolute respect for the client, his values, beliefs and cultural background as well as his own purpose.
In the case of too much transference (personal relationship that builds up from the client to the hypnotist), where reframing is impossible, refer to a colleague.
It is preferable to reject clients at the first interview (some do this for free) where the positive feeling (positive rapport) is not present, or those who hold hypnosis as a cure or even a miracle.

Medical restrictions
If you cannot produce a diploma that identifies you as a doctor, psychotherapist or in a medical field, then your role should be limited to that of professional counselor. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not!

Position yourself clearly outside the field of psychology and medicine. (Doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists.) You are not authorized to make a diagnosis, clinical interpretation, psychopathology, mental disorders, etc…, nor to give an opinion or advice on medical treatment.

Refer to an appropriate professional in case of doubt about competence (lack of prior medical examinations, requests related to symptoms, pain, physical pathology or requests related to mental pathology).

Keep a list of doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists that the client can choose freely and without our intervention. Any patient undergoing treatment is obliged to continue their treatment and consult their treating doctor before considering reducing, withdrawing or discontinuing their prescriptions.

Physical and emotional limitations of the practitioner.
If you are temporarily unavailable or permanently unable to practice, take necessary measures for proper supervision by one of your colleagues.
It is also very important for you to be balanced and take care of your physical condition.

Delimitation before results
Do not make promises or promises of healing
Clarify the client’s goals, results and expectations in the preliminary discussion.

Hypnosis cannot repair physical damage.
It only deals with beliefs, behaviors, emotions.


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