Regression in practice

There are several approaches and metaphors to guide the regression and lead the subject to the desired event. In resolving hypnosis, we explore the cause of the problem by guiding the subject to the ISE or AE. Unfortunately, we do not always reach the ISE straight away and go through one or more SSEs. It also happens that the affect bridge is not the right one for your respondent and/or for you. I would therefore like to show you two more options:

  • Hotel of the regression
  • Calendar method

Read through them beforehand and find out which technique is best for you and your subject.


Always make a short note of the information you receive from your client about the individual events. After the ISE has been resolved, it is important to go back through the same events again.

This way you and your client can make sure that everything about the problem has been resolved. A progression allows you and your client to check how it will feel and act in the situation after the problem has been resolved.

Example from practice

This video shows a regression where the client went to a past life. This happened without the hypnotist’s instruction. The video is started immediately during the regression process, without going into the induction.


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