Regression to previous lives

Regression to previous lives is often referred to as “fun regression”. There are hypnotists who have specialized in this field. They take the subject back to one or more “past lives” because:

  • The subject wants to find out whether he has lived before and what life he led there.
  • The subject believes in reincarnation and wants to find a solution for their current life in the past. This involves checking whether there is a karma that the subject is experiencing again and again and that is blocking them in the present. In the regression it would be possible to become aware of this karma and possibly work on the blockage with dissolving techniques.

This phenomenon can occur spontaneously during a regular session. This can be recognized by the fact that the subject in the regression

  • when asked his age, the respondent gives an age that is older than he is today
  • he reports situations that do not correspond to this age
  • he does not see himself as “himself” but as another person

Here it is important to pick up the subject where he stands and work with what he gives us. It is not up to us to evaluate his ideas, beliefs and inner world. It may well be important for him to see things this way and to use it as an opportunity to present a solution to his problem.
If it happens, just keep working, as in a regular regression. Let your subject find the solution that suits him and become aware of the things that are important for his current life.

Here you will find instructions on how to take a test person back to a previous life.


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