Scale of inner experienced stress SUD

SUD (subjective unit of distress)

We use this scale to assess the initial subjective degree of a sensation, feeling or pain experienced by the respondent.
This offers the possibility to compare the change during or at the end of the session.
A scale ranging from 0 to 10 is often used.

10 is the maximum sensation that the test person can experience.
Remember that this is a subjective number.

Don’t spend too much time trying to understand its meaning.
Ask for the first number that comes to your subject’s mind.
Just ask the question and allow them to respond.
You will find that subjects understand naturally and respond easily.

“On an unpleasantness scale from 0 to 10…
where 10 is the highest number, how strong is this feeling/emotion/pain? “

“Where do you feel this feeling/emotion/pain in your body?”

“If he/she had a color, what would it be?”

Regulator / thermostat
As far as the scale of subjective perceived stress (SUD) is concerned, it can be useful to use images such as that of a regulator from 0 to 10, from 0 to 100 or other…
This also allows the subject to down-regulate a feeling/emotion/pain by imagining turning the knob or adjusting a slider.


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