Sequence of a session

The course of a session can of course vary for everyone and therefore be different from the one you see here.
The following process should serve as an example that you can use as a guide to optimize your session.
The advantage of following a certain structure is that you can also organize your sessions in terms of time. So you can plan your daily schedule better.

Typical course of a hypnosis session

The session itself begins as soon as the client makes an appointment. As soon as he enquires about the hypnotist of his choice, he should immediately feel that the hypnotist is qualified.

Typical procedure:

  • Greeting, offering a drink. Establish rapport
  • Taking a medical history. (Obtain information)
  • Explanation of the current situation (LifePuzzlePro)
  • Explanation of hypnosis (Eliminate fears, misconceptions)
  • Hypnosis session
  • Post-hypnotic conversation
  • Billing
  • Say goodbye

The client should perceive a good atmosphere right from the start. The hypnotist, but also the place of the practice, should radiate safety and well-being. The client is usually always a little nervous. Give him time to arrive, offer a drink. A little small talk quickly creates a relaxed atmosphere.

Medical history interview
Offer to explain to the customer what they have come to the practice for. Ideally, you have already sent them a questionnaire in advance, which they have completed and returned before the appointment. This allows you to prepare a little before the appointment and ask the questions that are necessary for the hypnosis process and the achievement of the goal.

Explaining the actual situation
Using the LifePuzzlePro, you can explain to your client why they are in this situation. The client thus understands in a simple way how his inappropriate life strategy came about and where an approach to solving the problem can be found.

Explanation of hypnosis
Briefly address any fears and misconceptions about hypnosis. Explain what an altered state of consciousness can feel like. What the client needs to do during the session for it to work. Explain induction. “All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, it will always be your decision to follow my instructions.”

Hypnosis session
Hypnosis session should take place on a comfortable and adapted chair. (Not necessarily lying flat.)

Post-hypnotic conversation
The client is known to be in a trance state, i.e. suggestible, for about 20 minutes immediately after coming out of hypnosis. Use this moment to clarify the goal once again and to repeat the desired suggestions in a short conversation. Also mention that the change may take some time to get used to and/or may have a lasting effect on the environment.
If follow-up sessions are necessary, arrange the next appointment straight away.

Invoice your fee and, ideally, have your client settle the bill immediately.

Say goodbye
Walk your client to the door and say goodbye with a positive attitude. Leave a final, optimistic and good impression for your client.


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