Short version of the Dave Elman induction

There are two further variants of the Elman induction. The “short version” and the “shortest version”.

They differ from the regular version in that they are only partially executed.
However, the following two short forms only work if your respondent has already experienced regular induction.

You can therefore use these short forms very well with clients who have already been to your practice and with whom you have already used Elman induction.

The main advantage is that you can lead your subject into somnambulism much more quickly. This gives you more time for the change process.

The short version

The short version is the same as the regular version. However, it ends when the arm is released.

The important thing here is that you explain to your test person what happens as soon as you drop your arm again. Basically, you simply say: “As soon as I drop your arm, all the numbers will disappear.”
He intuitively knows what is meant by this, as he has already memorized the fact that normally the part with the numbers is still to come.

The exact procedure:

Short version of the Dave Elman induction

“When you are ready, allow your eyes to close.
Take a deep breath – let all the outer tension fall away… Exactly.”

“Now please focus on your eyelids…and allow the muscles of your eyelids to become completely LOCKER…SLEEP…AND HEAVY…when you know your eyelids are completely loose…completely relaxed…completely heavy…then hold that relaxation and allow them to continue to stop functioning…”
“Check your eyelids by pulling your eyebrows up slightly… (watch the client try to open their eyelids – then say:)

good, stop testing… and… send the same quality of relaxation from your head to the tips of your toes… EXCELLENT!”

“We will continue to deepen the relaxation you are in now.”

“RIGHT NOW… I’m going to ask you to open your eyes… here’s what we’re going to do…” (Remember to move your hand up and down in front of the client’s field of vision)

“I will count to three…On the count of three you will open your eyes, then I will gently snap my fingers, (if you want to skip the snap you can use a pen as a click) this is a cue for you to close your eyes again and increase relaxation.”

“1… 2 … 3 … open (flick gently) and close them. Double the relaxation.”

“1… 2 … 3 … open (flick gently) and close them. Once again, relax more deeply.”

“1… 2 … 3 … open (flick gently) and close them. Deeper and deeper.”

“I’m going to lift your hand here at the wrist (gently tap the wrist with your finger). Don’t help me, because this way you can fully enjoy your relaxation.”

“When I do this for you, just allow your hand to remain loose and heavy so that it is absolutely limp, like a rag doll. As soon as I let it go, all the numbers will be gone…”
(Let go and then ask:)

“Have they all disappeared?”


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