Shortest version of the Dave Elman induction

The shortest version is the same as the regular one. However, it ends with closing and testing the eyes.

What is important here is that you explain to your test person what happens as soon as he tests his eyelids and they no longer want to open.

Basically you just say: “As soon as you test your eyelids and they don’t want to open anymore, all the numbers will disappear.”

He intuitively knows what this means because he already knows the induction.

In addition, it is known that a person who has already been hypnotized once will go into hypnosis more easily and more deeply the next time.

The exact procedure:

Shortest version of the Dave Elman induction

“When you are ready, allow your eyes to close.

Take a deep breath – let all the outer tension fall away… Exactly.”

“Now please focus on your eyelids…and allow the muscles of your eyelids to become completely LOCKER…SLEEP…AND HEAVY…when you know your eyelids are completely loose…completely relaxed…completely heavy…then hold that relaxation and allow them to continue to stop functioning…”

“As soon as you check your eyelids, all the numbers will be gone.”

(observe how the client tries to open the eyelids – then say:)

“All gone?” … (wait for the answer and then say:)

“Very good, go deeper now!”


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