Sichord State

The Ultra Depth® process was developed by Walter Sichort(†) and further developed and refined by James Ramey(†). James Ramey was the only teacher for Ultra Depth® legitimized by Walter Sichort

In hypnosis, the subject usually experiences several phases of relaxation (indifference) in which we can use therapeutic suggestions, metaphors and stories to change things.

Ultra Depth®, however, allows us to go much further than traditional hypnosis by using specific techniques first and developed by Walter A. Sichort in the mid-1960s and later developed significantly by James Ramey.

A deeper level of hypnosis:

Walter Sichort discovered this state with the help of Mary Borgessi, his assistant.
A colleague of Walter Sichort, Sara Zane, was kept in this state for thirteen hours without any negative consequences.
This state is deeper than somnambulism and different from the Esdaile state, or the catatonic state.
Not all people are able to reach this state immediately.

It may have the following effect:

  • a general anesthetic
  • accelerated self-healing
    (six to ten times the normal healing time)
  • an ability to heal from spirit to spirit
    (with a possible intermediary between the hypnotist and the client)
  • it would lead to a reprogramming of automatic processes.

Traditional methods usually end at the stage of somnambulism and rely on suggestions to get results. The Sichort state goes beyond the Esdaile state.

This video shows how a person is guided into the Sight state using the Simpson Protocol. After reaching the Esdaile state, the subject communicates directly with a “superconscious mind” and is prompted to enter the Sight state. The subsequent process runs automatically. Communication via normal means (voice) is no longer possible.


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