Spontaneous regression

This form of regression appears quite unexpectedly and often during the preliminary interview, but usually during induction. It usually occurs when the client brings strong emotions to the session. The client does not seem to be aware of the nature of the problem or has even forgotten it. This may already be apparent in the preliminary discussion.
On the one hand, if the client starts to cry and becomes very emotional while explaining his problem, on the other hand, if he does not get caught up in the details of his problem and talks about it in a rather “neutral” way.

A great opportunity
The art of the hypnotist is to take advantage of the situation and quickly transition into a regression. The client is already in a trance, so why follow the induction technique and deepen it? All this is no longer necessary.

It may seem very surprising, especially the first time this phenomenon appears. Stay calm about it. You are in charge and this type of hypnosis may be very intense, but also very quick. You provide your clients with enormous assistance and service.

Here you will find instructions on how to deal with a spontaneous regression.


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