Teaching self-hypnosis

There are basically several ways to learn and practise self-hypnosis;
The following instructions are certainly among the most efficient.
In principle, it is about suggesting a trigger to your client in a state of somnambulism; This trigger then immediately returns him to this state at any time. Induction as we know it is therefore completely out of the question. The trigger can either be specified by the hypnotist or chosen by the subject;


  • the subject is hypnotized in a flash
  • He can decide for himself how long he wants to remain in this state
  • he can choose his suggestions for himself
  • Selfhypnosis can be used anywhere, standing, sitting, lying down (whenever it is safe)
  • Autonomy for the user


  • Profound issues cannot be solved
  • Long-term results need to be repeated
  • Self-hypnosis must be carried out initially for at least two minutes; 21 days, repeated daily to ensure the linkage of the trigger
  • cannot be learned by reading a book (text)


  1. Preliminary talk (explain hypnosis)
  2. Hypnosis contract
  3. Dave Elman Induction
  4. 2-3 deepening techniques
  5. Linking triggers through suggestion, or using a metaphor
  6. Leading out of hypnosis
    Suggestion: “Each time you go faster and deeper into hypnosis”
    “As soon as you want to go into hypnosis and it’s safe for you, the word (trigger) immediately brings you into this wonderful state”
  7. Immediately after emergence, lead the subject back into hypnosis using a trigger;
  8. Strengthen condition
  9. Repeat two more times from point 6 onwards;
  10. Let the test person practice a few times by going into hypnosis himself using his trigger;
  11. Explain the SMART method to the test person and give them a copy.
  12. Explain the 6-week plan to the test person and give it to them;

You can find the script for individuals and groups in the download section; In this case, you specify the trigger; Of course, you can adapt the script and use a trigger that you have discussed with your respondent in the preliminary interview;

The instructions for groups are also very suitable for online sessions with individuals;

Instructions Individual

Instructions Group


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