To make it easier to understand the use of abbreviations and terms, they are explained here.

Initital Sensitizing Event

Initial Sensitizing Event – This is the moment when the sensation was first perceived. In most cases, this is exactly the moment we want to uncover in regression work.

Final Sensitizing Event

Final Sensitizing Event -The moment when the feeling (problem) was last perceived. Can be used as a test after the problem has been resolved to determine whether the sensation still exists.

Subsequent Sensitizing Event

Subsequent Sensitizing Event – The moment when the sensation is perceived, but is already known from before. These are events that repeatedly evoke the feeling and can be repeated more often in life. e.g. Whenever I fly, I am afraid.

Activating Event

Activating event – This event can also be the ISE, but does not have to be. It is an event that was linked to the feeling at a certain moment. In this sense, it is a trigger that repeatedly evokes the feeling (problem).


Going into the past.


Go into the future.


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