Test the trance level

What use is hypnosis if we don’t know whether our subject is in a trance or not? He could pretend and inwardly ask himself the question: “What’s this all about, I hope it ends soon.”
Various tests help us to find out what level (depth) of trance my subject has already reached. Not all levels fulfill the same purpose of hypnosis.
The Dave Elman inductions contain various tests of the trance levels. This is another reason why it is one of the best inductions ever.
It’s not about whether a subject or hypnotist passes the test, but rather how they react to the test. This gives the hypnotist the necessary feedback for what he does afterwards and thus also a certainty for his work.

Here are the most important tests and their sequence:

Eye catalepsy
(Dave Elman induction)

“Now concentrate on your eyes and relax your eyelids to the point where they no longer want to work. When you’re sure they don’t want to work anymore, you can test them by raising your eyebrows slightly.”
Subject tests, eyes remain closed.

Arm catalepsy
(Dave Elman induction)

“I will soon lift your hand by the wrist. Just leave it loose and relaxed so that when I let it go, it just plops down like a wet sponge or rag.”
Raise the subject’s hand and see if they help or leave their hand completely loose.

Amnesia numbers disappear
(Dave Elman Induction)

“In a moment I’m going to ask you to count backwards from 100…”
Test person pronounces some numbers.
Respondent answers “Yes” to the question, “Have they all disappeared?”

Time distortion

The client has a different sense of time when under hypnosis. This can lead to the subject reacting later to a question or instruction during the session.
The duration of the therapy often appears shorter than it is.
When asked after the session how long it took, the subject may think it was 15 minutes, but in reality it was an hour.

These are just some of the possible tests that you can include within the sessions and/or induction.
You can find more under the lesson “Convincer”.

Important: These tests are not tests that you or your subject will fail. It is merely feedback for both of you.


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