The different techniques

There are several different methods of working with regression; In this course we will go into the most important techniques and explain them in detail;

  1. Direct regression
  2. Affect bridge
  3. Spontaneous regression
  4. Former life

Direct regression

Sometimes there is a certain point in time that a client wants to relive because it is associated with positive memories or there is another reason for it; This technique enables us to guide the client to exactly this time.

Affect bridge

The affect bridge (affect = feeling) was first named by John Watkins in 1997. The term describes the associative connection of an initial situation/object in the past to known current situations or things that are linked to the same or similar feelings and associated physical sensations;

The introduction of the term is related to recent neuropsychological findings according to which affective associations can exist independently of cognitions and cognitive associations.

When working with regression, the affect bridge is therefore used as a method to deal with events that often occurred a long time ago and from which the person is still suffering from unprocessed emotional stress. With this approach, the feelings and physical sensations associated with the event can be actualized and intensified in order to enable access to therapeutic processing; Such processing enables the person to free themselves from the stressful affects and to understand the problem anew;
The use of this technique usually takes the client directly to the ISE or the AE.

Spontaneous regression

This form of regression appears quite unexpectedly and often during induction. It usually occurs when the client brings strong emotions to the session; The emotion (feeling) intensifies and in most cases it leads the client into the ISE or AE by itself, so to speak;
Here you should be able to react spontaneously;

Former life

Sometimes it is also referred to as “fun regression”; There are various approaches to this. The principle here is to take the test person back to a previous life; It can also happen in regular sessions with regression that clients suddenly report things or situations that do not fit their current age. There are differences of opinion in this regard. Everyone should have the freedom to think how they want:

  • Previous lives exist (reincarnation)
  • It is based on the client’s imagination
  • The client has access to information about his ancestors (“inheritance” of epigenetic imprints)

It is not for us to judge if this phenomenon occurs spontaneously during a session; It is more important to work with what shows up;


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