The path of information through the system

At the beginning, information hits the system. In computers, this usually happens via the keyboard, in humans via the sensory organs. This is the IN area of the IN˃TELL˃ACT-model.

From here, the information is transferred to the two memories of the system, first to the modifiable memory, which can be rewritten at any time. In a computer, this is the RAM memory (Random Access Memory). In humans, this is all experienced and stored events.

In addition to the writable memory, there is also the fixed memory in which the information and programs that make the system work are stored. The programs can be read but not changed. This memory cannot be rewritten.

In humans, all biological programs that make up the human being are stored here. They are the same for every person. In computers, this corresponds to the ROM memory (Read Only Memory)

After the incoming information in the two memories has been compared with existing information to determine whether it has anything in common with it, it is processed by the system. In a computer, this is done by the central processing unit (CPU). In humans, it is primarily the brain. It is checked whether the information promotes or jeopardizes the preservation of the system structure. You could compare this part of the system to a court with several judges, each of whom represents a part of the human system and judges the information accordingly.

After the judgment about the meaning of the information has been made, this is communicated to the system via an internal physical reaction.

On a computer, the inner reactions can be visualized on a screen. In humans, they manifest themselves in the body through sensations, emotions, thoughts or symptoms. Hence the title of the concept:

INformation TELLs the system how to ACT
Information TELLS the system how to ACT

On a computer, you can control external devices such as a printer and print out the result. In humans, you can see the external reaction in their behavior.


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