Unqualified diagnosis & medical vocabulary

The use of terminology that is clearly different from that of health professionals is necessary to legitimize the profession of hypnotist. The use of certain terms is inappropriate and very detrimental to us. Beyond the definition of a lexical register adapted to our practice, it is necessary to retrain a non-negligible number of hypnotists who receive “patients” in order to “treat” them for their “pathologies”.

It is also obvious that it is forbidden to make a diagnosis without the appropriate professional qualification. Moreover, depending on the country, it is forbidden to “treat” this or that disease or phobia… “I cannot treat you, cure you or give you therapy, but I can teach you to exercise the power of your mind and accompany you in your development”. “I can’t treat the phobia, but I can show you how it’s triggered, how your mechanism works, and show you how to use your mind to make changes to what you want.”

“And you think my phobia will go away?”
“For other people, it’s gone.”

Introduce yourself as a coach or hypnotherapist if you are otherwise unqualified.


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