Waking & conversational hypnosis

Waking hypnosis
This requires a confident and expressive manner. An assertion or fact is made that is not necessarily true. Suggestible people in particular are easily convinced and assume that you are right with this statement. The effect is amplified when a group is addressed. People have a tendency to join and follow a group and its opinions.

“My goodness, it’s hot in here, can you tell… I think we should open the window!”
“Wow, what a disgusting smell, it smells so funny in here…”

The words must be formulated with emphasis and come across convincingly. To appear confident,
influence suggestible people who follow our claims, even if they are wrong.

Conversational hypnosis
In conversational hypnosis, words are spoken without a visible hypnotic trance. Without consciously realizing it, the subject slips into a light trance.

During its application, the subject sits opposite us with his eyes open and at the same time opens himself to suggestive influence. The direction and the goal are determined by the subject himself.

The aim is to influence the feelings and change them.

This can be achieved through the use of so-called ‘power words’, hypnotic speech patterns and deliberately interspersed questions that are not necessarily answered. This leads to increased attention, i.e. a light trance. This involves using illogical, confusing, surprising statements that stimulate the other person’s creativity and open the door to the subconscious, where new ways of thinking become possible.


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