What to do if?

During the Dave Elman induction, some unexpected reactions may come from your subject. This does not necessarily mean that you will fail and the induction will not work.

Here you will find a list of the most common ones and how to deal with them. So you know in advance how to deal with them professionally and avoid any surprises.

The most important thing is to remain calm and confident and to have the inner attitude that what YOU are doing will work!

If things don’t go completely smoothly, these are the reactions that can occur most frequently during induction.
Always be aware, nothing bad can happen.
Knowing how to deal with these reactions will make you a pro in any situation.

Your subject opens their eyes when you try to test them.

  • Either you didn’t explain what you expect from him in advance or he didn’t understand.
  • He may still be afraid of losing control.

Simply explain again what he has to do. Check if he still has questions. Then answer them and start again from the beginning.

Your respondent suddenly has to laugh during the induction.

  • He simply feels very well, his body reacts to his well-being by laughing.

Respond to the reaction, tell your subject that it’s okay and that he can continue to let himself go.

Your respondent does not open their eyes when you fractionate or opens their eyes before you mention the number 3.

  • You didn’t give him the instructions beforehand.
  • He didn’t understand what he had to do.
  • He is not following your instructions.
  • He doesn’t want to open his eyes because he’s already in a deep trance.

Explain to him again exactly what he has to do. Make it clear to him that he should only open his eyes at 3 and not before. Ask him to open his eyes, even if he finds it difficult.

Your subject suddenly becomes restless and says he has to go to the toilet.

  • You didn’t ask him to go to the toilet again before the hypnosis.
  • He has a weak bladder and simply needs to go to the toilet more often.

Before you allow him to go to the toilet, tell him that as soon as he comes back and closes his eyes, he will be back in the deep relaxation he is currently in.
Do NOT count him out of hypnosis. Once your subject is back and has closed their eyes again, continue exactly where you left off.

Your subject helps you pick up their arm.

  • You were not clear in your instructions.
  • Your subject doesn’t understand what you want them to do.
  • He wants to stay in control.
  • He has difficulty letting go.

Explain to him again what he should do.
Tell him not to help you lift your arm. To reinforce this, you can also lift your hand by the thumb and move it slightly back and forth. Feel when he “lets go”, relaxes and emphasize this by saying: “Yes, just like that, you can feel the difference now. That’s right, just let them dangle.”

Your subject doesn’t start counting, even though you asked him to.

  • The numbers have already disappeared.
  • He doesn’t feel like saying them anymore.
  • He is already in deep somnambulism.

Don’t keep asking him about the numbers. Question: “Have they all disappeared?” Most of the time you will only get a slight nod of the head or no reaction at all, if at all. Then simply continue with a deepening technique or your usual change work.

Your test person continues to count after 96.

  • He wants to stay in control.
  • He has not understood your instructions.
  • He has a lot to do with numbers in his job and is afraid of forgetting them.
  • He can’t let go.

: As a matter of principle, don’t let your subjects count further than 96. Don’t mention the word “numbers” any more, but say: “Make THEM disappear!”.
A) While he continues counting, ask him if he likes spending time on a beach. This will irritate him a little and you can then simply continue with a beach deepener. (If you don’t know this deepening technique, you can find it in the deepening techniques module).
B) You can also say: “Stop with the numbers!” and then continue with another deepening technique.

Always be aware that you usually know more than your subject. He doesn’t know what to expect. It is therefore very important that your instructions are clearly formulated.


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